Friday, December 21, 2007

Arizona Immigration Law

It would appear that unless the Circuit Court intervenes, the Legal Arizona Worker's Act, A.R.S. Sections 23-211 through 23-214, which was enacted July 2, 2007, will become effective January 1, 2008. Judge Wake of the District of Arizona in the Arizona Contractors Assoc., Inc. litigation has declined to enjoin the enforcement of the state law, a state law which permits the Arizona State Courts to suspend or revoke the business licenses of employers who intentionally or knowingly employ an unauthorized alien. The initial lawsuit, having been filed against the Governor, and not the District Attorneys who would enforce the law, was thrown out by Judge Wake for failure to name the proper defendants. Inexplicably, the plaintiffs delayed doing so, and when they finally sued the proper parties and sought emergency relief, Judge Wake found that the emergency circumstances were of their making, and declined to grant preliminary relief. So, Arizona, as of the New Year, could be enforcing against employers one of the strictest state immigration laws.


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