Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Burqa and the UPS / FedEx Plane Terror

Buried in the UPS / FedEx cargo plane bomber story is apparently the fact that the person (maybe a female) who, impersonating a young lady, a Ms. Hanan Al-Samawi, appeared at one or both of the express shipping offices.  I noted Ms. Al-Samawi’s picture in one of the papers yesterday, and she was dressed in a burqa.  It made me wonder if the impersonator was dressed in a similar fashion.  If so, my bet would be that certain European countries, France and others, who have been considering and in some instances passing legislation to ban the public wearing of such garb, may now have a much stronger case based on what may have occurred in Yemen.  Earlier this year we blogged on President Sarkozy’s push in France to ban the Muslim veil.  And, in August, we blogged on the Third Circuit affirming a workplace head scarf ban.  Of course, if you ban the burqa, do you ban the Hasidic’s overcoat?  The Mormon’s temple garments?  The Scot’s kilt?  What about the Catholic nun’s habit?  We live in interesting times.

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