Friday, March 19, 2010

OFCCP Ramping Up

As part of her 2011 budget request, DOL Secretary Solis requested for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs an allocation of $113.4 million (an increase of $8 million from the 2010 level) and 788 employees to:

• “[B]roaden its enforcement efforts and focus on identifying and resolving both individual and systemic discrimination”;

• “[F]ocus its attention on a broad range of issues that arise in individual cases, including harassment, retaliation, termination, and failure to promote”;

• “[S]tep up” monitoring of federal contractors’ self-auditing process; and

• Renew its emphasis on reviewing the construction industry, as prescribed by Executive Order 11246, Equal Employment Opportunity.

See the rest of Secretary Solis’s budget request here.

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