Friday, June 18, 2010

New York's Regional NLRB Rejects NYU Grad Students' Attempt at Unionization

We recently posted on New York University's graduate students' attempt to unionize.

On June 8th, the New York Regional Office of the National Labor Relations Board dismissed the Graduate Students Organizing Committee of the UAW's to represent the NYU grad students, relying upon the Bush Board's decision in Brown University (342 NLRB 483). The grad students now have until June 21st, Monday, to request the NLRB to review Brown University "on the basis that it was wrongly decided both as a matter of law and policy."

Also, check out Ed Hopson's posting to the College of Employment and Labor Lawyers Blog on the Supreme Court's recent decision in New Process Steel, LP v. NLRB, in which the Court ruled that the NLRB could not operate as a two-member Board due to vacancies which reduced its number from five members to two.

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